August 29, 2013

Its picture day!

First I’ll start off with this handy map that shows you where I’m from. I found this online recently and it’ll come in handy when I’m next asked where Bermuda is. Surprises me how many people have never heard of it, and if they have they think I live in the Bermuda Triangle! *sigh*

I found a large container of buttons of all colours under my bed. Not quite sure how they got there or when I even bought them. Anyway, I had to make an orange jar cozy for some of the new buttons. :-)

I’ve become a big fan of all things natural over the years and have fallen in love with coconut oil! It’s amazing for hair, skin and nails, and also cooking. I love smelling like a coconut! :-) I got this jar off of eBay, like most things I buy online. A…lot…of…things.

My sons blanket is getting bigger! I ran out of yarn though and haven’t added to it in a couple of days. I went shopping this morning, so I’ll be doing some more work on it tonight! :-

Here’s my 16 yr old who I’m making the blanket for. He thinks I’m crazy. Can you tell? hehehe

I felt an urge to crochet some earrings yesterday and made up a few pairs. I’m loving them, but need to decide on a process that’ll stiffen them up a bit. Especially for the loop earrings because the stitches will be twirling all over the place while they’re being worn.

I have an awful nail biting habit, and after 36 years on this planet, I need to sort it out. I don’t even realise I’m doing it, it’s just something I do while concentrating, thinking and/or possibly being stressed. So I decided to purchase some glue on nails. Maybe having these will stop me from biting! I feel like I’ve gone back in time to when these first came out. Hehe Hopefully they’re better quality then they used to be. I remember trying them as a child, they didn’t last long. I’m not really the girly type. ;-) If I can get my fingers looking decent, I can do some crochet tutorials without having to hide my finger nails! *ragged fingers crossed!*

Now wish me luck, I haven’t done anything to my nails in….ummm….hmmm….I don’t actually know. Wow, I need to take better care of myself.


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