August 22, 2013

Crochet Storm!

First of all, I've moved my blog over to wordpress. I know it doesnt look like it since I'm obviously writing to this blog this very second, but I have! My new blog is at I'll keep this blog for a little while longer until I feel it's safe to get rid of It. In the meantime, I'll be posting to both blogs. Please update your links and check out my new home! It's not totally finished yet, but its doing well. I still need to sort out my business graphics, but that takes time and money. Money being the reason it's taking some time. ;-)

Anywho, back to my blog post!

I've been keeping pretty busy this week and have been working on personal crochet projects.

After a couple of years, I've finally finished my youngest sons blanket. Didn't even have much to do to it, just kept procrastinating and forgetting. When I did remember to work on it I didn't have any yarn. I'd buy yarn, forget the blanket, use the yarn, remember the blanket, buy more yarn, use the see the pattern right? So I said no more, get that darn blanket and finish it today! And I did! :-)

During its storage it somehow acquired a few holes, which I patched up pretty good. I think it's just weak yarn. Will never buy that again! I stayed up until 4am finishing it, and then left it outside my sons bedroom door so he'd wake up to it. He was very, very happy. :-)

Next I decided to organise some of my pretty buttons. I have little glass jars everywhere, so decided to crochet cozies for them to match the button color the jar held. They work up so quickly, I was done in no time!

And last but not least, my 16 yr old needs a blanket. An adult blanket. All three of my boys have a large toddler blanket, so now it's time for the more manly/adult blanket. I started it yesterday afternoon and am amazed at how it's grown. He chose dark grey, red and white for his new blanket. I would like to try and do a stripe a day, so will see how it goes. It also depends on if I run out of yarn or not because I'm just buying it as I go along. I know I shouldn't, but whatever. hehe

It should be large enough for a king sized bed when I'm done.

I'm loving the lumberjack look and he likes it as well. :-)

That's my crocheting for the past couple days. Now I need to work and crochet some hats. Need to make some money so I can buy more yarn! ;-)


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