August 22, 2013

Crochet Storm!

I’ve been keeping pretty busy this week and have been working on personal crochet projects.

After a couple of years, I’ve finally finished my youngest sons blanket. Didn’t even have much to do to it, just kept procrastinating and forgetting. When I did remember to work on it I didn’t have any yarn. I’d buy yarn, forget the blanket, use the yarn, remember the blanket, buy more yarn, use the yarn… see the pattern right? So I said no more, get that darn blanket and finish it today! And I did! :-)

During its storage it somehow acquired a few holes, which I patched up pretty good. I think it’s just weak yarn. Will never buy that again! I stayed up until 4am finishing it, and then left it outside my sons bedroom door so he’d wake up to it. He was very, very happy. :-)

Next I decided to organise some of my pretty buttons. I have little glass jars everywhere, so decided to crochet cozies for them to match the button color the jar held. They work up so quickly, I was done in no time!

And last but not least, my 16 yr old needs a blanket. An adult blanket. All three of my boys have a large toddler blanket, so now it’s time for the more manly/adult blanket. I started it yesterday afternoon and am amazed at how it’s grown. He chose dark grey, red and white for his new blanket. I would like to try and do a stripe a day, so will see how it goes. It also depends on if I run out of yarn or not because I’m just buying it as I go along. I know I shouldn’t, but whatever. hehe

It should be large enough for a king sized bed when I’m done.

I’m loving the lumberjack look and he likes it as well. :-)

That’s my crocheting for the past couple days. Now I need to work and crochet some hats. Need to make some money so I can buy more yarn! ;-)

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