April 07, 2014

Sold items

These lovely crocheted hats and tube are on their way to a new home! I'll miss the black bucket hat, it was my fave. :-)
Now I can get back to sewing. Hehe

Testing Bag Shapes

I've been using reclaimed fabric from around the house to test out a bag pattern I want to make. I had my eldest son to help me draw up the pattern and have been tweaking it ever since.
These two prototypes were sewn using old jeans, a pillow case and a tablecloth remnant. Everything is fabric to me right now. Lol

I also decided to make a card case, but made it a bit too large. So, its a phone sleeve instead! hehe Its also made from reclaimed fabric.

I'm working on a crochet order at the moment, but my next sewing task is right around the corner. Stay tuned!!

March 26, 2014

More Tote Bags!

I've had a very successful few days of sewing. Not sure why it took me so long to start making bags, but I'm glad I've started. I LOVE bags and it's only natural for me to make them. I'm really enjoying coming up with a plan, transferring it to fabric and watching it come to life.

After completing the flowered tote bag today I literally jumped up and shouted Yay!!!! My boys looked at me like I was insane, but that's ok. I'm sure they think I'm crazy anyway. Lol

So here's my latest Mini Tote and the larger Flowered Tote Bag! :-)

March 25, 2014

Lunch Tote Bag

I started this tote several days ago but never completed it because I ran out of the bias binding. I decided to make the binding myself after watching a few YouTube videos.
I was a bit nervous when I started to cut, but it was actually a lot easier than I had initially thought. I was scared for nothing!

 I applied the binding to the inner handle, and was very happy with how it looked. After looking the bag over, I realized I couldn't live with using the two different bindings on the outside of the bag. Now that I've gotten better at sewing it on, the mistakes I'd made with my first try were just shouting at me!

So I picked out the old binding and sewed on the new binding I had made from the bag fabric. Much better!!
It looks a lot neater now and more uniform.
I can still see a few errors I've made, but definitely way less than before.

I'm happy with it!! Its mine anyway since its the first time I've sewn one. I had drawn the pattern out on cardboard after seeing a tote bag I liked in the shop, so its close to bring my first sewing design. hehe

The future ones I make should be perfect and I'll put those up for sale. I need more fabric though! 
I love having an excuse to go supply shopping. Lol

March 24, 2014

I've decided not to forget about this blog. There are just way more crafty people using blogger and I was beginning to feel disconnected!
I'm back! :-)

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March 22, 2014

Oops, I forgot FO Friday! Guess it’ll be FO Saturday this week. Lol

I got a cool fabric remnant off of eBay and decided to make something for myself. I’ve been wanting to try something new for a while now.
I decided my iPad mini was cold and needed a cover. Here’s my tutorial/explanation on how I did it. :-)

I read somewhere how to measure for a case. You measure your iPad or tablet, add 1 1/2 inches to the width measurement and double plus add 4 inches to the length measurement.
So that’s what I did! I cut out the fabric, lining and interfacing after calculating the correct measurements.

I ironed interfacing to the pretty cotton fabric, and used a scrap fabric I bought recently from a fabric shop for the lining. No ides what sort of fabric it is. One side is smooth and rubbery/slippery, which gave me trouble when sewing cause it kept moving. That was a lesson learned!!

I stitched them together on the wrong side and then turned it the right side out. I left a hole at the top so I could pull it through. Next time I’ll leave the hole at the bottom. I just made things more difficult for myself. Stitching the triangular flap with the elastic in it was very tricky.

I pressed it and folded the bottom part up to the flap edge and top stitched all the way around. I’m glad I had some elastic to use for the button closure.

I have quite a few buttons, so choosing which one took me a bit of time. I had to get some help there!

I wish I had sewn the button on before top stitching it closed because it sure was some hell getting the button in the right spot! I stabbed myself way too many times! lol I measured the button placement so next time I can stitch it on before top stitching the cover closed.

I’m happy with the finished product even though it’s not completely even etc. I blame that stupid slippery fabric for that. ;-)

March 19, 2014

Took me forever, but I finally managed to take this curtain remnant apart. Now to cut out the bag pattern. :-)

March 18, 2014

Almost finished the Lunch Tote Bag! Its not entirely even, and next time around I need to stitch closer to the edge, but I’m happy with it. I can ALWAYS use another bag. lol

Can you see I ran out of bias tape for the inner handle part? *sigh* I was soooo close. Maybe I should attempt to make my own bias tape and use that for the inner handle. I saw a YouTube video on how to do it and I’m sure I’ll get it right. Besides, the bags for me anyway, and I should use it as my practice project.

Fabric Stash and Bias Tape!

I’ve been a bad girl. I took my mother to a fabric store and not even 5 feet into the store was a fabric remnant bin. Obviously I had to take advantage of that!
The large pile are the remnants I bought and do you see the price of them!? They just had to be mine.
The two pieces of cotton were purchased off eBay.
My only reason for going to the store was to buy bias tape. Atleast I didn’t forget it!

I’m using bias tape for the first time and need to use it on the lunch tote I’m making. Its looking good so far and I cannot describe how dang proud I am of myself! Woohoo!!

March 17, 2014

March 14, 2014

I’ve been busy today!! I whipped up 3 more Hot ‘n Cold Therapy Packs and got started on my Lunch Tote. It’s coming along good so far. Need to edge it with some bias tape and I’m done I think!

I’m not using a pattern, I just traced a bag I liked and cut the template out with cardboard. Go me!! :-)

March 12, 2014

Hot ‘n Cold Therapy Packs!
I’ve been pretty busy and whipped up some more of there. I’m really enjoying using all this cool fabric. :-)

Listings can be found here! - http://www.byzula.com/catalog/hot-n-cold-therapy-packs

March 11, 2014

Got my fabric out that I purchased off of eBay and made 3 more Rice Heating Pads. Now I think about it, I should probably figure out a catchier name.
Any ideas? They can be kept in the freezer and used as ice packs as well. Gotta be some way to incorporate that into the name.

I’ve been thinking a lot about what I make to sell. After sewing these pads today I’ve realised how fast sewing actually produces items. Way faster than crochet! I made a heating pad in 1/2 an hour, a hat would take me 3 hours to crochet atleast. I could probably cut that time down slightly, but not moving for 3 hours would kill me. hehe

I’m not giving up my crocheting; ohhh no. I’ll just do both! :-)