March 25, 2014

Lunch Tote Bag

I started this tote several days ago but never completed it because I ran out of the bias binding. I decided to make the binding myself after watching a few YouTube videos.
I was a bit nervous when I started to cut, but it was actually a lot easier than I had initially thought. I was scared for nothing!

 I applied the binding to the inner handle, and was very happy with how it looked. After looking the bag over, I realized I couldn't live with using the two different bindings on the outside of the bag. Now that I've gotten better at sewing it on, the mistakes I'd made with my first try were just shouting at me!

So I picked out the old binding and sewed on the new binding I had made from the bag fabric. Much better!!
It looks a lot neater now and more uniform.
I can still see a few errors I've made, but definitely way less than before.

I'm happy with it!! Its mine anyway since its the first time I've sewn one. I had drawn the pattern out on cardboard after seeing a tote bag I liked in the shop, so its close to bring my first sewing design. hehe

The future ones I make should be perfect and I'll put those up for sale. I need more fabric though! 
I love having an excuse to go supply shopping. Lol
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