May 15, 2010

Sales n Stuff

This has been a pretty good week saleswise. I sold a rasta tam and 5 Loc Tubes and Bands. Also had several pattern sales. :-)

The rest of my week sucked though. lol I failed my driving theory test on thursday for the 2nd time by 2 measly marks. I knew I had failed when the first five questions had nothing to do with anything I had studied. I said "ahh s**t!" hehe I'll have to try again within the next two weeks because my poor memory holds nothing for very long. ;-)

My back is still absolutely killing me. I have chronic back pain as it is, but its just multiplied by about 50 out of the blue with no known cause. Doctor can do nothing about it of course, so I just have to live with it. The pain killers I already take are the strongest they can give me.
I'm supposed to go out to a fundraiser tomorrow night that my sister is throwing. I'll need to fill myself with booze to enable me to cope with the pain. hehe Yes, that's the perfect excuse to drink alcohol. lol
My eldest son thinks I should smoke weed because a lot of people with chronic pain use it, and it helps a lot. So my choices are to continue being a pill popper, or become an alcoholic, or a weedhead. Yay. lol
Anyway, I'm off to crochet while laying down. I've perfected this method throughout my back problem. It's slower than sitting up, but not as slow as when I first tried it. :-) Nighty-night!

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