May 05, 2010

My 33rd Birthday

Today was beautiful!!

I woke up to tons of texts and messages, and received more throughout the day from my beloved friends and family. I felt soooo special!! lol

My eldest took my youngest to school and picked him up for me, my 12 yr old tried to help as much as possible and didn't get into any trouble :-), and my mother made me breakfast, dinner and a cake.

We had our traditional Codfish and Potato breakfast, and for dinner we had baked chicken breasts stuffed with flavored cream cheese, peas n rice, and a nice green salad. Of course we also had cake and ice cream for dessert. :-)

My best male friend stopped by and brought along the bottle of whiskey we opened together a few months ago. We very happily finished it off today. :-) I reluctantly shared a little with my mother. hehe

Another friend of mine came by and gave me a card with an IOU in it. A night out for drinks on a Friday or Saturday night of my choosing. So sweet of her! :-)

My sister and her boyfriend came by for dinner and brought me the best gifts ever!! I got a friggin Rolex!! I don't even wear a watch, but I'll sure as heck wear this one! lol
I'm in love with the green leather-scented box it came in as well. I have a thing for boxes, containers etc. hehe
I also got a pair of Sketchers Shape-Ups, and a 500GB hard drive that looks like a flask. I love my gadgets. hehe

I walked up and down the hallway countless times trying to get used to these new shoes. It was really weird at first and I was walking like I was drunk. lol I wasn't though. ;-) I eventually got the hang of it and was already noticing the benefits. I really did feel it working on my leg muscles and wherever else the pamphlet said, and it made my posture better. These should be really good for my back. :-)

My house is quiet, everyone is asleep, and Im wide awake in bed playing with my new toys. Yes, I took my shoes off. hehe They're right next to my bed for the morning though. :-)

All is right with the world. *contented sigh* :-)
Hugs n kisses to all!! :-)

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