August 01, 2009

New Project

New Project
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Another project I've been procrastinating on is an afghan for Keivy.
He is 5 now, and I think he's waited long enough. It took ages for him
to choose a color, and even longer to choose a pattern.
Then Gemaine my pubescent preteen decided he wants a new one too. His
old blankie is a bit used and juvenile. With him choosing his colors
and pattern, that made Keivy change his mind several times. Several!!!!
I gave up on Keivy and started Gemaines blanket first. I'm loving how
it looks so far.
Keiv finally decided on a few shades of blue and red. I'll start it
tomorrow, I'm curious to see how it'll look!
This is exciting! There will soon be another item crossed off my
procrastination list! :-)
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