July 29, 2009

Another Hurried Entry

Phew! Okay, this no procrastination thing is keeping me busy!!
So, here are a couple of hat pics, I uploaded them to my etsy store.
Been crocheting regularly now, so more to come within the next week.

Pretty annoyed with the crinkled lightbox, but can't figure out how to smooth it out without melting the fabric!
The next few hats will be taken when we have a sunny day outside. Those always look better to me. :-)

We went to Edinburgh Castle last week and got soaked!!! I have never seen it rain that much here. Not that heavy anyway. It decided to get all hot and sunny when we were on our way home. Figures. Atleast we were dry by the time we got home. :-)

We also visited Dynamic Earth. The boys and I had a good time. :-) Unkown to us a Scottish Clan Gathering was going on next door. We found out after leaving dynamic earth. We also found out it only happens every 30 years, and we missed it. Yay. I'm sure I'll enjoy it when I'm 62. :-( My memory is bad now, what if it gets worse and I totally forget by then!?

Ummm, what else? Oh yeah, we went to Arthurs Seat yesterday. I was hoping to make it to the top. I'm scared of heights though, and it didn't work out too good. I started getting dizzy and felt queasy. We got to a corner that I couldn't see around and we turned back. Sorry kids! You can come back with your aunt one day. I even had trouble sleeping last night because of our adventure. I kept on having visions of myself and my boys sliding off the slide of the cliff. *shudder* I hate my imagination sometimes.

Tomorrow we are going to the zoo! There are lots of places to go that I need to cross off my to-do list. Busy, busy, busy!

So the reason for this rushed post is I need to get to bed so I'm not a zombie tomorrow. Not that I'll go to sleep earlier than usual, but there's no harm in trying. ;-)

I was going to share more pics but for some reason I can't upload them. Don't know why, but I feel like blaming it on my stupid laptop and losing the wifi connection every 10 mins. *sigh* I am honestly thinking of selling this thing and going into town and purchasing a 2nd hand one. In the end, it may be cheaper that way. I am no longer a dell fan. *sniffle* I've had to replace the adaptor twice, the battery died ages ago, and I had to replace the hard drive. There are also weird things this laptop does that no tech person seems to be able to explain to me. This thing was purchased last March! Okay, enough ranting about stupid machine that hates me.

Anywho, maybe I'll upload the photos to my multiply blog like I did with the Arthurs Seat album here. I'll do that tomorrow when i have the zoo pics as well.

I'm tired and am not even sure if this post is readable, so I'll check ya later!! ;-)

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