October 06, 2008

Busy Weekend

I crocheted all this on Saturday and Sunday. Shows if I'm determined I can do a lot! :-)

I had to apologize to Nan as well, I was testing her purse pattern some time back, screwed up, and put it aside only to forget about it; until Christy asked me to test a hat pattern for her. So, Igot them both finished this weekend.

I was asked a while ago for the pattern for the Not a Swimming Cap hat, so I wrote that out and tested it. I think I'll put that one up for sale, and give the Crossed Beanie pattern for free. I just need to reformat it a bit to make it easier to follow.

DSCN8525 Crossed Beanie hat - I'll put this one up on my other blog when I have it written out properly.

DSCN8521 Not a Swimming Cap hat - I ran out of brown and had to improvise. Not sure if I like it, but it's done. ;-) I just need to take a few decent photos before putting the patten in my shop.

DSCN8519 Recycled Pursabilities by Nan - I messed up royally and will have to attempt it again. The straps are supposed to be on the sides, and there's supposed to be a purse flap. I didn't have a photo, which I think would have helped. I don't know where I put it! I didn't realize I'd put the straps in the wrong place until I started to attempt the flap, and I said heck no, I'm not pulling it out! I'll just redo it. :-) I still like it and love the shape as well. It was also supposed to be done using plastic bags, but I ran out and restarted it in regular yarn. I'm going to do it properly this week.

DSCN8514 What a Crock of Oatmeal hat by Christy - Very fun to crochet and I chose to have raisin oatmeal. :-)



And of course I made some more hexagons. After doing the math, I figured out I'll be needing around 250 hexagons to complete the blanket. After picking myself up off the floor, I decided I can actually do it. If I get tired of making the hexagons I can always take a break! :-)

Time to pick up Keivy already! TTFN!!
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