October 03, 2008

.... but I did. *sigh* I bought yet another bag. I bought one last week, one a few days ago, and then this one yesterday. Someone stop me!!! Luckily the first two were barely £20 in total, so atleast they didn't leave me totally broke. This bag kind did because it's been a busy bill week, but I forgive it. It cost £24, and is the most I've spent on a bag in ages! I have an excuse though, I'm looking for the perfect bag. And I found it!!

Isn't it beautiful! *sigh*

So here's how I'm justifying this purchase.... I don't ever worry about buying anything 'namebrand' and really just purchase whatever I like as cheap as I can get it. This bags brand name is called Nica, and is the only brand name I've actually fully liked in all my years of being a bag lady. ;-) For the past three years I've been walking by this boutique a few blocks away from me and drooling over the bags in the window. I've gone in twice to check the prices, and decided that £40-60 is way too much for a bag. I went to TK-Maxx yesterday to look in the bag section, and this bag was there waiting for me at more than half it's original price! I snatched it so fast I think I drew attention to myself in a negative fashion. ;-) Anywho, this is the exact bag I saw in the boutique that I couldn't afford! I was so thrilled I had to refrain from jumping up and down. So, I guess you can say I've waited for a Nica bag for 3 years, and had to take the opportunity.

It's so roomy it holds all my knick knacks, doodads, and crafting whatzits. It has just the right amount of compartments, it expands and closes with magnet snaps, it's sturdy and stays on my shoulder without constant fixing and it's very well made. Another plus is, it's not black! Most people that know me know I'm not the most fashionable person. I tend to stay in my comfort zone, and black is what I'm used to. I know a black bag will match everything, so that's what I normally get. I took a look in my closet, and realized that all my bags look the same! So, I've gone all out and got something totally new and fashionable, that's brown with a bluey like fabric on it as well! I don't know if I even own any brown clothing or anything that'll match the bag, but I can't say I really care. I'm wearing this no matter what, I've waited long enough! lol :-)

On the crafty side of things, I got another crochet calendar. I won't be purchasing anymore though. I rarely use other peoples patterns to begin with, and I feel I've wasted my money on it. It's nice and all, but when you only like around 4-5 patterns out of hundreds, it's not really a good buy. I'm just picky really. :-)

Have ya noticed things look different around here? After trying to figure out how to cut down internet costs, I've decided to open another wordpress blog, link it to this one, and use it to sell my patterns. I have two separate domain names,(hobbyzu.com & hobbyzu.com/blog) so I didn't want to use the blog address for selling. So, that means I have etsy to sell my handmade items and patterns, and my other blog to sell just patterns and to give away free ones. Since wordpress is free, my only costs are to do with hosting my blogs and etsy, which are very minimal. Yay! Took me long enough to come up with this idea though. lol

I don't know if I totally like this theme, but it's taken me 3 days to find one that would work properly for both blogs, and I'm tired of looking. When I can, I may look into getting a more personalized theme. I'd really like the side panels to be on opposite sides of the center area, and not both on one side. I think that's such a weird way to do things! Anywho, it's free, so I'll stop complaining. ;-)

I've only added my mitten pattern to hobbyzu.com so far, but will have more up later on this evening and this weekend. I have a few free patterns I've never shared, so I'll need to write those up properly before posting.

I am frickin freezin! I think I'll take a break and get all cozy under my covers. Lord I hope this doesn't mean this winter will be unbearable! TTFN!

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