October 01, 2008

Drive by Blogging

After a long and exhausting day full of appointments, errands and PTA meetings, I figured I'd better stop by and share some photos before I eat dinner and pass out. ;-)

First off, meet Sheepie Lambe! I won him through a blog contest on Christines' blog. Thanks again Christine!! :-) He decided he wanted to relax on the sidetable next to my bed. He asked if he could use my laptopy, but I'm pretty strict with things like that. Maybe later. Now I look at the photo I see his foot is resting on one of my worry people/dolls. It goes under your pillow Sheepie, not your foot. Geesh! ;-)

I received these from ebay today. I love the motif book and have so many ideas for hats, additions to my blanket and so on. Yay! As for the calendar, I was pretty underwhelmed. I only found a few things in it that I'd actually make. Oh well, one out of two ain't bad! :-)

Yeah, and I also made more hexagons. I'm not sure if I'm really up to making a blanket out of them or using them to make smaller items. I'll decide by this weekend. I do want to make the blanket, but I know how my attention span gets and I'm a bit nervous I won't finish it until 2011.

Bye for now!! :-)
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