August 28, 2008

Procrastination Post

I'm supposed to be finishing a pair of slippers that were ordered from me, but am putting off making the 2nd slipper for about an hour. Why? I have no clue. Well, I just discovered the joys of plurking, so maybe that's the reason. Not sure if I should thank Loopykd for inviting me, or send her a heated plurk message. I was busy enough already! lol Nah it's cool darlin, just kiddin. ;-)

So anyway, here's a pic of the Mary Janes I created for an order. Working out the sizes is a nuisance, so these came out a bit too big. The next pair I started is the right size and almost finished. I'll post a pic of those later. I'm so glad I designed a slipper pattern ages ago, it made things slightly easier since I just had to modify it. Well, I actually kinda changed the whole pattern, but that's how I work. I redo and redo until everything is as perfect as possible. :-) I may change the pattern again with the next pair I make. :-)

I also have another job to do. I was given a knitted dress to crochet the top and straps onto for a clothing designer. So this weekend I'll be busy completing that for Monday. Luckily this time it won't be a production item, and I won't have to do the same thing over and over. I've had enough repetitiveness for a little while atleast.

Keivy had a nap earlier and now he won't go to sleep! I don't usually allow him to have naps, but I was too exhausted to protest. Yeah, I'm paying for it now. Here's Mr. Motormouth a few days ago looking like he's up to something. :-) He's happy to be back in school and I'm happy to have him back on a schedule. Well, obviously the schedule is screwed tonight. he-he ;-)

Here's Gemaine on his 1st day in P7. He was very excited and acting goofy as usual. Trying to get him to smile and give a decent expression is like trying to squeeze blood from a stone!

Super pre-teen!!!

And yes, I'm drying a t-shirt on my sons bike. So sue me. lol I have to wash clothes almost everyday, and if you keep still long enough, I'll hang something on you too! :-)

I also said I'd post some photos of the kids before and after the Chinese circus. I'm still upset we weren't allowed to photograph under the tent. :-( It was such an amazing show!

This is Keivy almost ready to leave for the circus. Please excuse my sisters mess in the background. She stresses me so. :-(

The kids got a few souvenirs after the circus. This is Gemaine practising his plate spinning skills. I'm pretty sure it wasn't spinning. ;-) Keivy has a spinning wheel that lights up. Oops; had. Darned Destructor!

Ooommmmm, at one with the plate, at one with the plate. Unfortunately his chanting didn't make his plate spinning any better, but he did try! ;-) Atleast he has balance!

Yup, Keivy is about to attack him. Sneaky lil' devil. :-) Don't worry, I stopped him in the nick of time! :-)

And that's all for now! I have a slipper beckoning to me from my work basket. :-)
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