August 31, 2008


After an exhausting day, I'm going to make this post as quick as possible. I got a new guinea pig and cage today. I've been wanting to get the cage for months and could finally afford it. Well, technically I can't afford it, but I decided not to care today. ;-) I wanted another guines pig to keep my other one company since they're social animals and like companionship. My older one is called Boo, and the youngest one we've named Pumpkin. If we had listened to Keivy she would have been named Funny Face or Chair. lol

Here's a pic of the slippers I just completed for an order. I think there's a marked difference between the cotton ones I made previously, and these acrylic/wool ones. The cotton slippers looked more professional. I'll have to make a pair of cotton ones for myself to test them, and then I'll decide what I'll continue to crochet the slippers with in the future.

After making these slippers and wanting to have cuter buttons than what's in my stash, I've visited ebay once again. I saw so many cute buttons! Here are some I've purchased recently. I'm just so glad they're inexpensive! I have a lot more on my watch list, and I think I'll be ready for any button emergency known to man after this! :-)

I especially like the football and the red gingham buttons. Cute huh!? :-)

Now, good night! *yawn*
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