April 17, 2007

Ups and Downs

My favorite Uncle is visiting me for two whole weeks! Yay! He's such a sweet man and has helped me so much in my life! He's not really interested in sightseeing or anything. he said he's here to rest! He doesn't care if he does something or not! lol My sis and her fiance are coming over on Saturday to cook dinner for him. His fav. meat is lamb so they're making the lamb with a red wine jus or something like that. What ever they said I remember my sis told me it takes 8 hours to cook! Wow! I'm bet it'll be fantastic! :-)

My little one almost didn't make it to his 3rd birthday on Thursday. It was so awful! My three boys and I were coming from the grocery store after my uncle gave me money for food. We were very heavily laden and all had our responsibilities. I had a few bags in one hand and was dragging a trolley behind me. My almost 10 year old Gemaine was pushing the stroller which was crammed with bags, and my eldest son Delante (13) was holding on to my 2 yr. old Keivy when it happened! Keivy ran into the street chasing a damn feather! Gemaine was frozen. I screamed and Delante raced into the street before i could make it to him. I saw a car coming in slow motion in the corner of my eye and then the person beeped their horn and swerved. The beep got Keivys attention and he got scared and jumped back just when Delante reached him and snatched him up. Thank God that person beeped their horn causing Keivy to move, because he would have hit him since it was so close! It was the most horrific thing! Poor Delante was so rattled he clutched Keivy and was in his face screaming " Why'd you do that!! You almost got killed! Why!?!?" I then grabbed Keivy and hugged him to me and cried. Gemaine was never one to show any emotion, but even he was visibly shaken and had his head resting on the back of the stroller. Keivy was pretty scared and was clutching on to me for dear life! I really hope the combination of events from the car to my eldest sons reaction scared Keivy enough to make him more aware of the dangers around him. I doubt it though. :-(

It was a bittersweet moment for us standing there on the sidewalk. Bitter because of what we almost saw happen, and sweet because that moment really showed me how much my boys love each other and of course how much we all love each other. Delante had been close to tears when he was hugging Keivy. He was actually on the ground praying to God and thanking him for saving his brother. That touched me to see that. Gemaine was very upset as well and hugged us all and tried to speak to Keivy to see if he was okay.

We walked in silence for a long time after that. Delante was carrying Keivy on his shoulders and refused to put him down, so we had to stop and let him rest his shoulders every once in a while. Keivy is one solid kid! :-) Gemaine kept on saying Keivy wasn't allowed outdoors anymore. I was just trying to keep my composure so I wasn't walking up the street blubbering like a baby. :-) What a day! I don't know how many times I've thanked God for protecting my kids, but it can never be enough. :-)

I'm off to make codfish cakes for my uncle so I hope you've all had a wonderful Easter and take care until next time! :-)

P.S. - I haven't crocheted too much this week; just added a few more inches to my blanket and am trying to complete another cross stitch project I started. Pictures coming soon! :-)

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