April 07, 2007

My Purpose?

I've been wondering even more lately what my purpose in life is. I know it's not to be in an office working 9-5 every day. I have such a short attention span that I literally start to get sick when I have to do something like that. I find repetitive and boring things very hard to deal with. I figured that my only way out of the dreary happenings of every day life was to start my own business. It's going slowly but surely. :-)

I also know that one purpose I've been given is to be a good mother and raise my boys the right way. Of course, that can't be my only purpose! I think I'm a bit scared that I'll start my business and then get bored and want to move on. Then again, it shouldn't get boring should it!? I would hopefully be a success and never get bored. But, what if I start my craft business and find out it's not for me! I've spent almost 30 yrs. wondering what I should do and have tried everything under the sun! I've been asking God to point out what I'm supposed to do, and am wondering if He's pointing to the craft business I have planned or if it's just me that wants it.

So, for all you blogging folks out there. What do you think your purposes are and how did you find out? Inquiring minds want to know! Well, just me actually. :-)

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