November 07, 2013

Crochet & Shopping

I haven't been feeling well this past week so screwed up on my blog posts. Oh well, better late than never right? :-) I'm feeling a bit more myself, and managed to get atleast one striped slouchy beanie completed. It's in a tangerine colour with a brown stripe. I liked the colour a lot more than I thought I would and was actually tempted to keep it. I need to make yarn money though, so it'll have to go in my shop. *sigh*

Speaking of yarn, I bought some! Possibly too much. Again. Also got another Clover Crochet hook which is stuck in there somewhere. I just had to get an issue of Inside Crochet magazine as well. It's my fave crochet mag and always has something interesting to read or gain inspiration from.

I saw the gorgeous purple Sirdar Click chunky with wool and had to snag a few. I've already started a hat with it! :-) I also threw in a random Sirdar Supersoft Aran in a mustard colour. Just because I was standing next to it. Like I needed a reason.

The green flecked SMC Riana was on sale and also had to go home with me. Unfortunately I later realised I'd bought two different types. *mad face* You can barely tell the difference, but it's there. One is slightly lighter than the other.

So here's my dilemma... Do I go back and exchange the odd one out for the right brand, or should I just buy another of the right brand and 2 or 3 more of the imposter? Decisions, decisions. Returning yarn just seems wrong. Can you even return it? I think I'll just buy more and learn my lesson that way. Yup, that'll teach me to not pay attention. hehe


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