September 16, 2013

Latest Granny Square Project

After seeing so many posts on Google+ about granny squares afghans etc, I realised I was missing out. I’ve been crocheting for 22 years! Why haven’t I made a granny square blanket!? Seems like I’ve crocheted everything but that.

So I decided to rectify that. I have sooooo much scrap yarn hanging around and thought I’d do a scrap yarn granny square blanket. Just a whole pile of random colours and then joining the squares together with one solid colour. I failed. The OCD in me just won’t let me do it! I can’t seem to do random, it just has to have some sort of order or sense. *sigh* So I chose some bright colors I have and decided on a colour scheme. I was thinking of an autumnal look. Red, orange, yellow, green and then brown for the edging. I love how beautiful the leaves look in autumn, and have wanted to use that as a theme for a crocheted item for ages!

I’m going to use several different granny square designs and repeat them throughout the blanket in different colour combos using the colours I chose of course. I haven’t decided on how many different square designs I’ll need yet, it’s based on the size of the blanket.

Anyway, here are the squares and links to the patterns I’ve used so far!

This is the Granny Spike Stitch Square that I got from

This is the Maybelle Flower Square. You need to get the flower pattern from - Then the pattern to turn it into a square from here -

This one is called the Riley Flower Square and I found it at

This is the Rosie Posie Granny Square from

This is the Basic Granny Square which I got ages ago from this website when I first learned how to make a granny square. -

This one is called Squaring the Big Circle, and I got it from -

And here they are all together. I have a million and one projects on the go, but I’m hoping I get to finish this blanket in a reasonable amount if time. Stay tuned! :-)

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