September 12, 2013

Adding to my Stash!

I was planning on just posting a few photos to my fb page, google+ etc, but decided to make a short blog post about it instead.

I felt the urge to shop today, which increased dramatically when I visited a new craft store. All sorts of fabrics and yarn and crafty goodness! I was in heaven! hehe

I got some yarn. Just a little. Didn't want to go overboard.

A crafty magazine and a crochet flower book.

And in a charity shop I found the perfect little box for my hooks and stuff!

I'm loving the cute handle and latch.

It all fits perfectly with room to spare!

Oh, and I bought a thimble. Mostly because it was plastic and orange, but I'm sure I'll use it. hehe

Now to create something to sell so I can justify the amount I spent today. Hope it works!


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