May 01, 2013

I'm a mess!

I have issues, I procrastinate, am very forgetful and have an awful attention span. I don't believe in labels and don't want to say I have an attention deficit, but if you look up the symptoms of ADHD, it describes me to a T!

Because of my character flaws I sometimes lose focus on what I need to or want to accomplish, I constantly put things off until later, and of course when later comes around I've forgotten all about what I was supposed to do. It's a vicious cycle that I'm trying hard to break. When I of course remember to break it anyway. *sigh*

I have to say that now that I have my iphone, it's become my external brain and I COULD NOT live without it. I'd be a lost and sad individual. lol I try not to depend on it so much, but it's just so damn useful! I no longer have sticky notes and papers scattered everywhere reminding me to do things. I no longer forget or lose my grocery list on my journey to the grocery store. Whenever I need to remember something I can write it down immediately before its gone from my head.
I'm no longer constantly late or forgetting completely about appts and commitments. I am reminded of birthdays and no longer need to ask my mother when a family members birthday is coming.
If I get bored and fidgety I have over 100 apps or games to grab my attention, and so many more that I can download. It always gives me something to do that peaks my interest. I do unfortunately tend to get a bit hyper-focused on using it, and have to force myself to put it down so I can be productive though. A small drawback. :-)

Anyway, I'm really trying to get things done and to try not to let my attention problems hold me back. I tend to start so many things and not finish them, and am working on those projects first. I have soooo many half finished patterns I've designed and half finished items I've crocheted that I NEED to get through!

So this little baby jacket-type-thing is the first on my extremely long todo list. I started it several months ago, and then stopped when I only have the sleeves left to do. *sigh*
Now that I've made this public, I have to finish it! :-)

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