April 30, 2013

My youngest is nine!

Have had a busy few weeks preparing for my lil ones birthday party. Well, he's really not so little anymore. Actually, he never was.
Anywho, his birthday was on the 19th and I made him a chocolate cake with mint chocolate chip buttercream frosting. Mint chocolate chip ice cream is his favorite, and this tasted just like it!

Then on the Saturday his aunt picked us up for a birthday trip to Burnt Island Beach and park in Fife. Lovely day and he really enjoyed himself.

Then on the Sunday he had his first ever birthday party. We're not really party people, but since he's so popular at school and has been to several parties his friends have had, I figured it was time to venture into the unknown.
It was a football party and went really well. He and his friends had a blast!

Having a three day birthday celebration made this his best birthday yet. How the heck will I top this for his tenth birthday next year?! lol

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