July 19, 2009

Lightbox Issues

So after figuring out how to fold the lightbox back up using a YouTube video, I decided to test it out. Dontcha just love YouTube! :-)
I took a few pics, but the wrinkles and seams in the nylon or whatever it is show so much. Steaming the backdrop didn't really make much difference.
I wanted to post the pics for comparison shots but my laptop cord is giving me trouble again.
I ordered a new one last week, so hopefully I get it soon. This cord here keeps crackling and sending sparks. Possibly not a good thing. ;-) I swear I have bad luck with computers. Or maybe it's just Dell. Yes, I think I'll blame it in them. In just over a year I've had to replace the cord 3 times, the battery died and needs replacing, I had to replace the hard drive, the video card is acting up and the cd/DVD drive doesn't always work. I honestly believe these manufacturers make sure their products last just until your warranty is up. Then everything just falls apart!

Anywho, I'm hoping my laptop will turn on for me tomorrow, I have a lot of hats to add to my etsy store.(hobbyzu.com)

Nighty night for now!!! :-)

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