June 26, 2009

Kreativ Blogger Award!


Thanks so much to Bev over at One yarn after another for giving me this great award! It means so much to me. Especially since I don't really think things are all that kreativ over here. :-) I feel so special!! *sniff sniff*

So, here are the rules for this award:

a) List 7 things you love
b) Link back to the person who gave you the award
c) Pass it along to 5 other Bloggers. (It was 7, but I've run out of new people to give awards to)

1.) I love my 3 boys of course! More than anything or anyone on this earth. I thank God for them every single day.
2.) I love to make things with my hands. Crochet is the main one, but then there's also sewing and quilting, cross stitch, baking, knitting and a few other things I can't remember at the moment. It's just so amazing what a person can make with a little fibre and a hook or needle!
3.) I love computers and all sorts of gadgets. Gadget freak is what I am! :-)
4.) The internet! It is just so chock full of any type of information you could ever possibly want.
5.) I love bags! Back packs, hand bags, tote bags, messenger bags etc. I'm always on the lookout for the perfect bag to hold all my personal items and my craft pouch confortably without being too bulky and non-stylish. ;-)
6.) I love my home. There is truthfully no place like home! It's full of everything I love, my wonderful family, memories, crafts, food, warnth, comforts and my bed. :-)
7.) Nature. There is nothing more special than Gods creations. Sunrise, sunset, beautiful sandy beaches and blue water, caves, forests, animals, flowers, grass, streams, lakes, mountains, trees, snow, rain and the list goes on and on.

Now comes the hard part. Choosing 7 bloggers is hard! Not because I can't think of anyone, but because they are all deserving of an award.

1.) Jan - She is the coolest crocheter going and a very sweet person. She can make anything she puts her mind too and always updates her blog regularly.
2.) Karen - She is another great person and always has something interesting on her blog. Beautiful fibre, wonderful FO's, gorgeous photos and such a beautiful family.
3.) Maple - Yet another wonderful person! She always has such beautiful fibre on display and such cute stories about her alpacas. Very busy woman, but she still finds the time to share her life with us.
4.) Sarah - Her blog is always chock full of amazing crochet and color! She is such a master when it comes to color combinations, and there's always some inspiration to gain from reading her blog.
5.)Arlene - She is the best!! Great person, amazingly talented and just an all around asset to anyone. You soooo need to check out her shop!

Now I'm off for more blog reading. Three more blogs and then I'll be caught up and back on track! :-)
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