April 18, 2009

Pancake Lesson

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I taught Gemaine to make pancakes today. At the end of it all, he used the remaining batter to make one giant pancake for himself. I have a suspicion that may have been the reason why he decided he wanted to learn. ;-)

He finished it too! Looks a bit tired and full huh? I wonder if he'll be regretting eating all that pancake later on. His eyes are always too big for his stomach, yet he still manages to pack it away. Where he's packing it, I don't know. I will never understand where all his food goes. It's not fair that he eats twice as much as me, yet I'm the only one with love handles. :-(
Of course Keivy ate all his food too. Another one that eats like his food is trying to run away from him. :-)
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