April 26, 2009

It was cold again

We froze again. Not AS cold as last time, but pretty doggone close as you can see by Keivys face.

He must have repeated "Is the game over yet?" and "I wanna go home" dozens of times.

My baller was fine though. He was taking a short drink break here. His team lost big time. The coach told me he'd stopped keeping score when the other team reached 10 and our team only had 1 or 2. He admitted they needed practice, and he's going to start that up again soon. Not entirely sure why it was stopped in the first place.
There are 3 good players on the team, uncluding Gemaine of course. ;-) They just need practice. My boy is lightening fast though! See those footballer legs?! :-)
He was really sad after the game, but I cheered him up eventually. :-)
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