September 13, 2008

No clue what to name my post!

I no feel good. :-( I have a bad head cold. :-( But, it hasn't stopped me from crocheting!!! ;-)

I actually hate these slippers. The color is fine, but the blue yarn is awful quality! It's so floppy and doesn't hold shape very well at all, and it's scratchy. They're fine on your feet of course, which is what counts huh? :-) I'm not sure what I'll do with them yet, but I will definitely not be selling them.

I modified the pattern a bit to make them a bit tighter in the feet, and thanks to a great suggestion from Jan, I made the strap wider and really prefer it that way. Now, who wants to test the adult pattern for moi!? I need about 3 please, so leave your email address if interested. I know someone out there has cold feet! ;-)


I love ebay! I know, I've said that before. Looky at the buttons that arrived today! They are extremely cute huh!? :-) I've just realized their aren't any pairs, so I think I'll look around and see if the shop I got them from has anymore.


I love Moo!! I wrote them about the mistake with my business card order last week. They emailled me back with an apology and explanation about a bug that they got sorted out. They gave me a coupon for more business cards, and I ordered them again; for free of course. They arrived today and are perfect now! I'm so happy!! Plus, they never asked for the other ones back. Even though they weren't how I wanted them, they're still usable. So I got 100 business cards instead of 50. :-)



DSCN8451 Back

My website is still in the beginning stages and will look a lot better after it's been given a fresh coat of paint. The designer said he'll start on it in a few weeks when prestashop has it's next upgrade which he'll install for me, so I'm being patient. :-)

And last but definitely not least, another book promotion for The First Ever Crochet Liberation Front pattern book! Yippee!!


I have a hat pattern in it and am so excited and nervous about people seeing it in a book! Laurie

is having trouble putting a pic of the books front cover on the purchase page, but don't worry, it's really fantastic. :-)

holds up spinning wheelie thing used for hypnosis and repeats - "buy it, buy it, buy it, buy it" ;-)
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