August 08, 2008

Ravelympics, More Yarn, and My Baby

Yeah, I got more yarn from ebay. Red heart rules baby!! :-) As an excuse, I really needed it for the ravelympics. I've joined the WIP Wrestling event, and will attempt to finish my striped blanket that I should have completed back in 2006. hee-hee I wanted to make sure I didn't run out of yarn! :-) Eek! Which reminds me, I got all colors but black! Oh crap. I gotta have some somewhere.....*scans room for a place to start looking* Oh, and there's a pic of the blanket I need to finish in my side bar. I have until the end of the olympics!! I can do it!! I hope anyway. I want it pretty big. *bites nails*

Here's my new crochet hook case that I purchased from Saucylouise. It's perfect for my new hooks! :-) Not the color I would have chosen for a case because it might get dingy being in my purse/bag, but it's all they had. I'm happy. :-)

I've been missing my eldest son (almost 15) a lot lately. For those that don't know, he went to visit his father last Christmas, and decided he wanted to stay with him to see what it would be like living with him. I cried for days, but realized after a while that it was the best thing for him. He was having a hard time adjusting here and his grades were slipping like mad. He's doing better now and even has a summer job, so I can't complain too much.

I miss my baby though. He was supposed to come visit this summer, but apparently his father has run into financial difficulty and can't afford a ticket. Figures. So now the next proposed visit is Christmas, which means I wouldn't have seen my first born for a whole year. I'm going to try and save money just in case his father can't send him. My son is also now staying with his granny because his father let the apt. he had go, and is currently living in someone's garage. Should I be worried? Hell yeah! I sent him some money and even though his phone, and his fathers phone is turned off, I can still email him. Thank the Lord his granny has a computer with internet or I'd be going insane! I know he's okay because the area he lives in is surrounded by his fathers family, but he's still 5,000 miles away from me, and neither of us can afford plane tickets.

:-( I want my baby back.

Well, I'm off to entertain the two boys that are still here. :-) Gemaine (11) has a friend visiting today, and I need to make sure we have food available because Keivy (4) always eats it all. ;-) I also signed up for an account at which is an online dvd rental site. I received two dvd's off my list already and it's only been two days since I signed up. I keep them until done, mail them back free of charge, and they send two more from my list. Cool huh!? I got Cloverfield for me and Willow for the kids. I used to love Willow when I was younger. Hopefully the boys won't think it sucks. lol

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