August 04, 2013

Crafty Day

I felt like trying something new today and decided to work on a couple of painting projects.

First off I bought a 2nd hand picture frame but wasn’t entirely happy with the shiny red colour and the photo of whoever the heck that woman is.

So my youngest and I took it apart and painted the frame green.

I then stuck in my second sons (he’s now 16) photo from when he was in nursery. Awww! :-)

Right at home next to my jars covered in yarn. First project done!

Then we went on to make a stool/side table from a broken dining room chair. My eldest doesn’t trust me with his saw, thinks I’ll cut my hand off. Sooo he did the cutting the back off the chair part for me. I can’t complain, I am sort of clumsy. hehe You can see those jagged edged pieces, I was so scared my boys would stab themselves. Or even me, since I seem far clumsier than they are. I think of it as my being accident prone. Seems less my fault somehow. lol

So after sanding and so on to get the top smooth, this is what we had to work with. My eldest did this chiseling part for me as well because its too sharp for me. He said if I can frequently cut my fingers when I’m just cooking, what would I do to myself with his tools!? lol

The youngest and I took it outside to spray paint it. We had on our painting gear. :-)

And this is the almost finished result! I’ve decided spray painting it wasn’t the best move if I want a more professional and uniform finish. So I’m looking at this as the first coat, and will head out to hardware store later this week for paint more suitable for wooden furniture. I’m still happy about it though. Not sure if I’ll keep it as a stool or use it as a side table in my bedroom. I’m planning on having white bedroom furniture. :-)

With everyone in bed and I’m here thinking of what else I can do in my living room to get my chosen colour theme going, I decided to turn the daisy granny square I crocheted recently into a cushion cover. I crocheted it in the accent colours I want and it’s now 18x18 inches. I’ll crochet a back for it in brown and will decide on a closure for it then. Not sure if I’ll do a plain envelope closure or a buttoned envelope closure.

Now I better get some sleep. I have a rasta tam order I need to fill so may not get any personal crafting done tomorrow. Glad I managed to get something done today though. Had a very productive Sunday!


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