January 22, 2013

Oops & Updates

So I've decided to get back to blogging. It's a good outlet for business and socialising purposes right? :-)

I've been tweaking my blog and rearranging a few things, and have apparently been posting the same 'blog posts' over and over. Very sorry to anyone on twitter or FB that I may have annoyed. I forgot that whenever I update my blog an automatic update goes to my social sites as well. *sigh* Hopefully I won't do that again, but I can't promise anything. Forgetful folk like myself can't make many promises. Hehe

Now for crochet updates...well...one update.
Nothin special, just a Mario cap off to its new owner today. :-)
I hope they like it! I always get nervous at this point. *bites fingernails*

Now I'm off to study. Would rather crochet, but duty calls. *sigh*

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