July 25, 2011

Sun in Edinburgh

This summer hasn't really been much of a summer, but when we do get sunny days, it's gorgeous!
My boys and I wasted no time in getting out to enjoy the sun while we had it.
No, we didn't sunbathe, I don't believe in baking ourselves. hehe
We met up with friends and relaxed and played in The Botanic Gardens and then went to the playground at Inverleith Park.
Afterwards my Lil one had a birthday party to attend, and he had a blast! It was a pool party with a large inflatable pool and the kids really enjoyed themselves.
It's sunny today as well, but my poor back had enough strain on it yesterday, so I can't go out today. I can barely make it to my kitchen. lol

Here are a few sunny Edinburgh pics for you! Don't you just love nature?! :-)

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