June 20, 2011

Feel like Stitching

A few days ago I decided to make my Lil ones teacher a gift. She's been his teacher for two years, and sadly will not be with him in P3. She's such a good teacher, an all around friendly person and she's been really good to him. She's one of the friendliest teachers I've had the pleasure to speak with, and I think she deserves a thank you.
I've never given a teacher a gift before, I feel like I'm sucking up! lol

So I chose to cross stitch her a picture of the moon that says keep on smiling, which will go into a frame. Lil one will stitch her a flower, which will be made into a thank you card.
He's never stitched anything before and is unsure of himself, I told him he'll be fine though. :-)

I've almost completed mine, just have to add all the backstitching to it, then I can put more focus into helping him complete the flower.

Lil one had a project to complete for school, so he hasn't done more than a few stitches. His class is working on building a street of stores, and he had to create his own shop. He decided on a sports shop which he made out of a cereal box. It came out really well, especially considering it was a last minute job.

The cereal box had lots of sports info on it, so we took advantage of that and used it to name his shop. :-)

Now, back to stitching! :-)

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