August 20, 2009

Geesh, it's been longer than I thought!

Time sure flies when you're having fun!
Soooo, where do I start?
I started my aromatherapy course a few weeks ago. It's really interesting and I'm enjoying it. It's something I do from home, so can fit it around other things I do. I've always been interested in essential oils and have been making my own oil blends and beauty products for a while now. Why use all that chemical laden stuff you buy in stores when you can make your own from all natural sources.
I'm also going to start a 'make your own products' course, and when I'm finished I might start selling my products. :-) That'll be fun!

On the crocheting side of things. I've finally gotten my sister to model a few hats for me.

It's nice to have an alternative model other than my plastic friend Naomi. She's gorgeous and all, but not quite real. ;-)
A friend of mine is supposed to model for me as well. The weather has turned though, so we're patiently waiting for the rain to go away. Summer is definitely over folks! I'm looking forward to the Autumn leaves. :-)
I need to figure out a backdrop I can use for indoor photos. That lightbox thing didn't work out the way I'd hoped. Maybe I can find some fabric to use instead?! Hmmm....

A friend of mine has also introduced me to color. I've been trying to use more of it, but it hasn't been an easy road. I've always been afraid of color. I think I grew up trying not to stand out, and went for the dullest colors possible. Black was my fave.
She taught me how to find color inspiration from objects around me and all about the color wheel and contrasting and so on. I don't know why I never saw color like this before, but I'm so grateful for her tips that helped me to open my eyes.

I went color shopping today and it was amazing! It was like I was given a brand new set of eyes. I was seeing things differently and noticing patterns and shades. I bought a few fashion mags for the colors and because she said I should look and see what colors are in season. There are actually specific colors people choose to be fashionable during a season! Who knew?! lol Apparently everyone but me.

I also went to the yarn store and totally blew my yarn budget apart. But I sure was happy and proud of myself. I went for purply/plum colors today. Next week I may do oranges or greens! :-)
I bought a pack of bright colored tissue paper because there were so many different colors in it. I bought a pink pen and a large pink pencil case to hold my small crochet projects. I absolutely hated pink a couple of yrs. ago. (I still don't like pale pink though.) I even got a notes folder for my crafting ideas and pattern writing that has red stitch detail. I also got some felt tip markers which I can use to see if certain colors go together. Honestly, I'm really irritated I never thought of all this myself!
I went overboard today with the spending, but it was exciting and a learning curve for me.

I also realized something about myself today. I'm scared of being successful. I think it's because I don't like attention, so somehow I sabotage myself so I won't get too much attention, which being a success with my business will get me. So, I have to work on that along with the no procrastination thing. It seems I was using the procrastination so I'd only be successful to a certain extent, but not too much where I'd get noticed. This is so weird, and I wish I had noticed this about myself sooner. My mother said she knows. I was like huh?! Why didn't you tell me???!!! lol

So, I'm working on getting tags to sew into my items, working on a new look and branding my business. I'm going to put more effort into my business and stop procrastinating which is holding me back a lot more than I realized. I have a business! It's mine! I have to say that to myself each day to drill it in. Whatever the reason is for holding myself back, I will overcome it.
Yes I will!!!!!

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