July 26, 2009

Lazy Blog Post

Lazy Blog Post
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I have been working on changing my life around. No procrastination!
Since that decision last week I've posted free patterns on my blog
that I meant to do ages ago, finished two hats that have been half
done for a few weeks, rephotographed old hats with new mannequin head
and posted them on etsy, I took the boys to Edinburgh Castle, we went
to the Dynamic Earth exhibit, I'm applying for help to move to a house
with a backyard, I've chosen the courses I want to take on
Aromatherapy and creating my own products and am applying for a small
grant to help pay for part of it, I've thrown away all my chemical
laden toiletries and have been using all natural products I make
myself, and on the list this week the boys and I are going up Arthurs
Seat mountain(I'm terrified and scared of heights), the Edinburgh Zoo
and hopefully Holyrood Castle.
This no procrastinating thing is hard work, but very rewarding. My
back is absolutely killing me with all this extra activity, but as
long as I get a break every other day, I'll be fine. Hopefully. :-)

So anyway, I have a lot of pics to share, but they're on my laptop at
the moment which Keivy is playing a game on. I'll post some after he's
done and meanwhile I'll get back to crocheting. I have a new pattern
I'm working on, but want to go through my to-do list in order so it
won't be ready for another week or two.

Here's a pic I have on my phone from the birthday party Keivy attended
on Friday.
Ta-ta for now!
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