May 03, 2009

Beauty and the Disaster!! Had a long day and a nice trip to the park.
Gemaine was riding his brothers scooter on the way to the grocery store after leaving the park, and fell and banged his knee pretty bad. We ended up spending around 3 hours at the kids hospital, and leaving with a leg brace and crutches. He's to stay off his leg for a week, and we'll go back in monday of next week to see how it is. It's not sprained, but it's swollen and she said something about his knee plate is widened or shifted? Keivy was talking so doggone much I could barely think let alone listen. I just heard it's not broken or sprained, and to come back on Monday. I got the important details down! ;-)

Got some nice pics of the park, my eldest sons' old school, which will be Gemaines new school this year, and misc. stuff. Take a look if ya want to. I'm too sleepy to upload pics. hee-hee

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