September 27, 2008

Hexagons and Football

I'm disappointed in my new book. I guess since it says 'encyclopedia or crochet techniques', I was expecting a treasure trove of ideas and inspiration to jump out at me. There isn't much in the book that I don't already have in my other books. *sigh* I'm sure there are more crochet techniques than these!

Anywho, I did find a couple of things I liked, one of them being this wheel hexagon pattern. Last night I planned on doing one or maybe two for my freeform blanket. For some reason I just kept going and going! Maybe because there are a lot of color combos I can do.


I've made more today and think I'll add them to ravelry in batches of what I finish in a day instead of adding them each as a separate project. I'm going to have to decide what I'll be using these hexagons for, can't add them all to my blanket.

Gemaine had a football game today and he played goalie for the first time. My baby did good!! I was disappointed in his team though because so many goals had to be blocked by Gemaine, which meant the rest of the team weren't going their jobs. I was pissed when one boy yelled at Gemaine when a goal got through. Not like he was doing anything special for the team other than running his mouth! Gemaine's team lost 11-7, and I thought that was pretty good considering the amount of goals Gemaine blocked. The opposing team would have had close to thirty goals if he hadn't been there! There are a couple of good players on the team, but most were like they were daydreaming! One boy would have the ball and try to get to the goal, 2-4 players from the opposing team would be trying to get the ball from him, and his fellow team mates were no where to be found to assist him! What nonsense is that! Yes, I know it's just a game, but it's very annoying when you know your son could be on a winning team if the other boys would actually work as a team.

Anyway, the boys all had a good time, except for the bigmouthed one of course, and Gemaine was pleased with his performance as was his coach. :-)

Had a good day, and am now off to make more hexagons. I didn't make enough with black in them! ;-)
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