December 14, 2008

Hi and Bye!

Oh my what a week! Shopping, spending, ignoring bills so I can buy presents, ya know how it goes. ;-) What, you don't do that? Oh, maybe I need to get my priorities in order then. Oooh, that can be my new years resolution! :-) I always keep those! *ahem* Kinda.....

Anyway, I have absolutely no time to crochet. :-) Hopefully after the holidays I'll be able to get back into the swing of things.

Here are a few links I found for crocheted Christmas stockings. I'm not actually planning on making them, but just thought they'd be nice to share. ;-)

Christmas Stocking

Owliver Stocking

Christmas Tree Stocking

Maybe next year I'll stop procrastinating and do up a pattern for one myself. :-)

I'm off to bed to rest my aching back. See ya!

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